The Challenge

You asked for it and now it’s here! It’s simple, I would love to hear you flip my latest single ‘Come Over’ in your own style. I’ve made it super easy for you and also given you some choices and flexibility so you can really make the tune your own.

So go for it! Grab the track, flip it and then post it up for the world to see. Just make sure you tag me in and use the hashtag #ComeOverChallenge so I can share it with all my followers.”


Come Over (with backing vocals)


Come Over (Backing Vocals and 1st Verse) 


Come Over (Backing Vocals and 2nd Verse) 


Come Over (Acapella) 


Come Over (1st Verse, No 2nd verse and no 2nd Pre) 


Come Over  (Only Chorus BV’s)